The Software

Intuitive. Powerful. Versatile. That’s the secret recipe for our software: CagebotControl.

Newbie? Within one hour you will be able to program your bot. Promised.

Nerd? Just code within our Arduino compatible libraries in C/C++.


Our graphical programming environment follows a simple, yet powerful vision: within a very short time even newbies will be able to write simple programs and comprehend other code. And as a pro you can automate full production lines. All in our programming environment CagebotControl. We want to get rid of the initial frustration that comes with learning a new programming language. Simply drag and drop icons into the editor and connect them logically. It is as simple as that.

We specifically designed our own programming interface, to use the full potential of graphical programming. With CagebotControl we take programming to a whole new level.



Our software system can fulfill highest demands. Through the bus system all electronic components can communicate in extreme speed. From ultrasonic sensor to motor: Up to 70 components can be connected. We incorporate a software architecture that is compatible to Arduino. Therefore, a vast ecosystem of projects and information awaits you. And as a pro you can choose between graphical programming and free coding in C/C++.



Our roots lie in the industrial automatization. There we learned that usually you would need a hole platoon of engineers to get your machines moving. That’s where the idea of Cagebot was born: A System that allows beginners to quickly explore the world of robotics, without restricting professionals when working with complex robots.